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Enjoy the Baby has a variety of services to help you plan your pregnancy & birth, get you off to a good start with breastfeeding and hold your hand to overcome the hurdles throughout your journey! Take a look around.  Got questions?  Reach out to me. I’m here to help.


Thinking of becoming pregnant?  Not sure what things you should be thinking about or how to prepare for a healthy pregnancy?  Let’s talk!

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Someone once said, “Preparation is never lost time”...and that’s no lie! You deserve to have the best birth experience possible, but you definitely have to prepare for it. Let us help you plan for that special time…

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It’s very possible for you to breastfeed successfully. You do need knowledge & skill - but you also need patience and teamwork!  Working with me can help you be informed and overcome those hurdles… Let’s see how I can make you smile today.

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Hey there!

Growing up, I always knew I’d end up working with babies. What I didn’t know is that my passion would also lead me to push hard for mama support. Having children of my own and working with growing families for over 15 years opened my eyes to a whole world of what many mothers need to feel like they are heard, cared for, and supported.  That’s what gives them confidence to be good parents!

As a parent, I just wanted to do the best I could and be the best for my kids.  I’m sure you do, too. I’m here to help with that. I offer my pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding knowledge and skills, online and face-to-face, to help you reach your goals. I’m focused on removing your obstacles so you can be focused on enjoying moments with your baby. I want to see you smile…THAT’S what makes me smile!