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Want to make a difference in the birth world? Do you see yourself supporting families and impacting legacy? Then you’ve landed in the right place!  ETB is proud to offer access to Birth Doula training taught by Tonya Daniel, DONA Approved Birth Doula Trainer, Lamaze Certifified Childbirth Educator, and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  Tonya has been offering talked about trainings for over 10 years, mentoring numerous candidates for certification while focusing on the specific needs of communities of color.  Her interactive trainings are focused on providing the culturally relevant, evidence-based information and hands-on-skills for participants to feel confident in supporting the birthing families in their communities.

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Workshop Topics

Some of the topics a typical workshop include:

The Roleof a Doula

Defines the Scope of Practice of a doula. Addresses what doulas do and what they don’t do. Addresses the Code of Ethics of a DONA Doula

Significance of Birth Experience

Birth plays a significant role in a person's life and the lives of their support people, long after the actual birth. Historical impacts, inequities and disparities impact decisions, how the one giving birth feels and is treated...It makes a difference!

Importance of Labor Support

Research shows that the presence of a caring person consistently with the birthing person can be a game-changer! We’ll discuss how the face of labor support and their roles have changed over the years.

Cultural Humility and the Perinatal Experience

Not all birth experiences are equal...neither is the playing field for different races, genders, ethnicities, or socioeconomic statuses, etc. As doulas, we have to know how to give honor and protect their birth space.

Pain Management and Hands on Comfort Measures

There are numerous options for unmedicated comfort measures and medicated pain management. Help families know their options and how to make informed decisions to choose. Learn how to physically and emotionally support a birthing person in labor.

Postpartum Period & Helping Families Identify Sustainable Support Systems

Learn how to help moms and birthing people adjust to postpartum period with basic newborn and postpartum care and help identify community supports

Intro to Breastfeeding

Learn how to help moms with the first few days of breastfeeding including positioning, latch, how to identify “good feedings”and when to ask for help.

Business of being a doula

Discuss certification and how to build your practice as a working doula.

An Introduction to Childbirth and Breastfeeding for Doulas

Provides a solid foundation for the birth doula training and satisfies 2 additional components for certification.

(offered separately)

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