Services for Expectant & New Parents

Birth and Breastfeed Like a B.O.S.S
We believe that you really can run this birth and breastfeeding thing like a B.O.S.S.!  You can be BOLD, OPTIMISTIC, SELF-SUFFICIENT, and SATISFIED! We provide a variety of services with you in mind to do just that!  In case you missed it, you get 15 minutes at no charge to see how we can help!  So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get started!



Thinking of becoming pregnant? Not sure what things you should be thinking about or how to prepare for a healthy pregnancy? Let’s talk!

Virtual Pregnancy Prep 101 

So you think you’re ready for a baby?  This virtual class will give you a “1 up” on preparing for a healthy pregnancy, birth and beyond!  This 1-1.5 hour class will educate and empower you to know what you REALLY need to have in place.  We will discuss optimizing pre-baby health, choosing a prenatal care provider, building a strong support team and after baby resources. Support people/partners are encouraged to attend. (Private sessions are available.)

Start Enjoying the Baby

Birth Like A B.O.S.S. Options

Labor & Birth Planning Virtual Consultation*

This one hour consultation focuses on your desires and includes tips for choosing a provider and birth facility, creating a birth wish list, options for most satisfying birth, syncing with your support team, etc.

Birth Like A B.O.S.S. Virtual Childbirth Education Class*

This interactive class offered in 2 sessions will cover the ins & outs of the labor & birth process, comfort measures (with and without a support person, medical interventions including medications and informed decision making. 

B.O.S.S. Birth Doula Services*

B.O.S.S. Birth Doula Services gives you that continuous support you need throughout your labor.  It also includes up to 2 prenatal visits, unlimited phone and email access, on-call from 38 weeks of pregnancy to birth, and one postpartum visit to discuss your birth, breastfeeding or any other questions. In light of the COVID-19 epidemic, doula presence may be modified depending on hospital/provider policies. Virtual doula services may be offered in place of face-to-face.  You & your baby’s safety are priority.

*Options may be reimbursable through your insurance. Consult your insurance provider for details.

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Breastfeed Like A B.O.S.S. Options

Virtual Prenatal Breastfeeding Consult

Ideal for first time moms, moms with feeding challenges in a previous birth or possibility with this birth (NICU, pretermers, babies with health issues) or those moms with health issues. This consult discusses potential challenges and concerns as it pertains to you and how you can prepare to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

Virtual Breastfeed Like A B.O.S.S. Basics  Class*

This 2 hour virtual group class covers getting started- beginning with the birth process, establishing a good milk supply, latch and positioning, how to tell if your baby is getting enough & conquering “bumps in the road”.  

Virtual Breastfeeding Support*

Can’t get to an office for a visit?  No worries, I got you!  I can help with anything from latch/pumping issues to preparing to return to work (and anything in between!) via secure web video conferencing. Virtual Breastfeeding Support is available by appointment only and in 15 minute increments.  First 15 minutes are FREE. Additional charge for multiples. 

“Level Up”  Upgraded Virtual Breastfeeding Support*

To boost your virtual support, this upgrade includes private face-to-face consultation within 2 weeks after baby (virtual option) and up to 3 (yep, 3) additional virtual consults & unlimited text communication up to 6 weeks postpartum

 *Options may also be reimbursable through your insurance.  Please consult your insurance provider for details.

Start Enjoying the Baby